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A popular Internet scam has recently been attempted on and reported by a person who has an ad placed in the classifieds section of our web site. Although the scam isn't new, it is the first reported case related to our site.

For those unfamiliar with Internet scams, this is how this particular one works: You post an ad and a person responds by phone or email saying he/she is interested in the goods. After a few exchanges, he/she agrees to buy your goods. The con artist sends a cheque in excess of the amount you are asking and asks that you send a cheque for the overpayment to a third party - for example, you want $1000 for your goods, you receive a cheque for $5000 and you're asked to send a cheque for $4000 to someone else. This individual usually has an interesting and plausible story to explain away this plan so that it sounds legitimate and safe. Comfortable with the plan, you cash the cheque, mail out another for the $4000 overpayment according to the directions, and you also ship your goods as per the terms of sale. After a few days however, the bank contacts you to say the cheque you received has not cleared or is fraudulent. Now you are out $4000 plus the $1000 for your goods, if you sent them without waiting for the cheque to clear.

Don't become a victim! Be aware of these scams and be extra cautious when dealing with persons unknown to you. If you are presented with an offer like this, or other variations on the theme, immediately call the Fraud Unit of your local police department, provincial or state police, or even the RCMP or FBI. These scams are most often international in scope, so they may involve other parties in foreign countries.

A little awareness goes a long way.

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1976 MG-B Peacock Blue Roadster

This beauty has a tan interior and black top. Approximately 76, 000 miles. You can be ready for the road as soon as the weather breaks. The car is in good condition. Paperwork for most repairs. $7,000.00.
Give a call, we'll talk, you'll look, we'll see.
I'm also thinking of selling my '72 'westie'.

Contact: Launey (313) 345-6435
lapyke3 (a) gmail .com


Posted: Januray 2018

sold wd1974 MGB GT

Chrome bumper GT with recent Autumn Leaf interior with new seat belts. 
Low miles on engine rebuild, by previous owner. Paint is original Bracken color (orange) and 4 years old. 

Tires are good on British Minitor alloy wheels.  Nice radio. 
New radiator & hoses. Runs and drives nicely.  $5900.00

 odor mgb gt 01 odor mgb gt 02

(734) 751-7590
(734) 751-6031

Posted: September 2017

1963 MGB Iris Blue

trombley for sale

trombley for sale

This 1963 MGB is fully restored, excellent condition, no rust, runs great, owned it for 21 years, garage stored, Iris blue, black interior, has black top and tonneau cover, original tools, manuals, radio, new battery, new seats. Also including spare hood, original seats, and any spare parts my husband had for it. Chassis number GHN3L13495 Engine number 18GUH13558 and I have the British Motors Heritage Certificate.
Original miles of 60,625.
Asking $19,500 but price is negotiable.
Car is in Washington Township, Michigan

Contact: Cathy Trombley
(586) 484-0337
trombleycathy (a) comcast.net

Posted: June 2017

1970 MGBGT Blue

forbes 01

1970 MGBGT I have owned this car since about 1977. No rust, rockers have been replaced. Needs paint, Tires. Engine has totally been rebuilt, touring cam, 10 over pistons, New fuel tank, needs some work to complete. Extra engine, Transmission, overdrive unit, Heated back-light. $4000.00


Contact: Art Krygowski
Phone or text: 58 six-2 nine 8-8 three 98
art.krygowski (a) gmail.com

forbes 02 kazm 03 kazm 03

Posted: June 2017 Expires: 09/31/2016

1972 MGB Red

forbes 01Runs and drives, but will need substantial rust repair. This will be a project car before it's a good driver again and the low price of $1,500 firm reflects that.

One owner since 1995. Mileage unknown, but only 5,000 miles since engine rebuild in 1997. Four-speed transmission. Needs wiring work and rust replacement of rockers, frame rails, plus some repair in fenders and floor panels. Improvements in last 20 years include new front bumper, distributor, starter, radiator rebuild, Delco alternator, ignition switch, new gas tank, convertible top 

Contact: John Magee
Phone or text: 248-234-3789

forbes 02 kazm 03 kazm 03

Posted: November 2017 Expires: 03/31/2018

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Parts: Midget MK I

Midget Mk I parts for sale from '64 donor car.

Seats (for refurb), dash, 1098 engine w/trans (working condition unknown), radiator, wire wheels (for refurb), suspension, windshield, bumpers, steering column and more!.

Call/text Scott 513-240-3221
scottolman (a) gmail.com

Posted: May 2017

Parts: MG Midget Parts - Free

1973 MG Midget parts "free to a good home": two rear
springs (rusty); wind shield frame (includes glass which
has delaminated); passenger side door (incomplete; quarter
window missing). Any one interested can e-mail at :


Parts: Two MGB transmissions

Two MGB transmissions. 69 and 72 One rebuilt at John Twist Tech session.
Make any reasonable offer.

Contact: Dale 
519-258-5987 or dbrownmg @ mnsi.net


Cars for Sale Cars Wanted Parts for Sale Parts Wanted
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Cars for Sale Cars Wanted Parts for Sale Parts Wanted
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